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Executive Chauffeur Service

Your business is our business

We appreciate that first impressions count. We're acutely aware that a clients' first impression of your business can often be their impression of our business. At the Malta Chauffeur Company we make your business our business.

We make it our business to provide the reliability and efficiency needed to meet demanding schedules.
We make it our business to provide consistent courtesy and confidentiality with the customization needed for demanding lives.
We make it our business to build strong client relationships and continually deliver the most trusted and reliable chauffeur service available in Malta today.

Whether it's a client-directed series of executive meetings, a Malta conference, point-to-point journey, or a client 'meet and greet' at Malta airport, we make it our business to continuously uphold the five star service that clients such as Banif Bank and DC Aviation Ltd have come to expect.

Luxury VIP Chauffeur Transport

VIP. Very Important Passenger

Forte VIP Chauffeurs are skilled at the art of attention without intrusion - and observe diplomacy, confidentiality and professionalism at all times.

The Malta Chauffeur Company focuses on its clients satisfaction and providing 5-star chauffeur cars matched with 5-star personalised service at all times.

In situations where personal security is an issue for the client, The Malta Chauffeur Company can also offer security chauffeurs who have been specially trained in this field, and are able to work either unaccompanied or in unison with a clients' own personal bodyguard or VIP protection unit.

With the Malta Chauffeur Company you really can have it all.

The Luxury You Expect.
The Service You Deserve.
The Protection You Demand.

High Security Chauffeur Service

"It is a fact that one of the most common times for attack scenarios is while en-route or during transition around a car."
Anthony Ricci, President, ADSI

For many VIP ’s and high-profile targets it is a necessity of modern day life to provide protection for themselves and their family.

A security chauffeur is important part of this and plays a vital role that should not be overlooked. Risk will never go away, but using a trained security chauffeur will ultimately minimize potential risk.

So what's different about a Forte Security Chauffeur?
Security Chauffeur is trained & certified by Securities and Facilities Education (SAFE UK)
Security Chauffeur is also a Malta certified private guard
Security Chauffeur is specially trained & certified by Khiron Defensive Driving
Security Chauffeur specially trained & certified by the Kent Police, U.K.

How is a Forte Security Chauffeur different from a regular chauffeur?

  • Chauffeur is alert to many potential risks that simply pass unnoticed by a regular chauffeur and attempt to avoid danger before it arrives.
  • Training gives the chauffeur better skills and judgment level to avoid potential threats or attacks. Chauffeur is trained to react quickly, while in motion or otherwise, and be prepared to move at a moments notice.
  • Chauffeur has specialist knowledge of security manoeuvres, is fully trained in defensive and evasive driving techniques, and awareness of the vehicles' capabilities and safety features - both active and passive.
  • Chauffeur has the ability to safely execute emergency or evacuation manoeuvres.
  • Chauffeur knows how motorcades work, knows motorcade car positioning, as well as knowledge of how different vehicles present different problems, both in a motorcade and in regular driving scenarios.
  • Chauffeur understands the need for route planning and contingency plans, and knows emergency proceedures if something happens.
  • Chauffeur has an in-depth local route knowledge and knows all react routes such as to hospitals or safe havens in Malta.

Malta Movies & Media Events Chauffeur

There's no business like show business...

... but it is a business we know.
Through years of practical experience of chauffer service on location in Malta we have acquired an intimate understanding of the specialized chauffeur requirements of key cast and crew members. We understand that this is a serious business where schedules are tight and transport delays can be very costly.

Whether interpreting complex location itineraries, or dealing with inevitable changes to shooting schedules, working as part of a driving team or acting independently, our chauffeurs continually aim to fulfill all practicable requirements.

Resourcefulness, adaptability, great communication skills along with discretion and sensitivity to the needs of our passengers are just a few of the reasons why The Malta Chauffeur Company is the first choice of Malta transport co-ordinators.

Chauffeur for Private Aviation at Malta Airport

ONLY FORTE OFFERS AIRSIDE RAMP SERVICE with a luxury chauffeur driven Mercedes Benz S-Class inside Malta Airport. Alternatively, you can opt for a chauffeur driven Mercedes E-Class or MPV.

Experience, reliability and superior service are what has made Forte the most renowned provider of chauffeur ground transport to private aviation in Malta, serving corporate flight departments, fractional companies, charter companies and Malta FBO's.

Don't forget the flight crew need secure ground transport too. Forte can have a chauffeur in position to coincide with the completion of post flight procedures - saving everyone time and money.

Airside Chauffeur Ramp Service is subject to certain conditions - please contact us before arranging your flights' ground handling service in Malta.

Yacht & Marina Chauffeur Transport

Time and Tide Wait for No Man - and no man waits for Forte.

We're aware that every minute you spend on dry land may be valuable, and as Malta's leading executive chauffeur service we aim not to waste a second of it.

Be it chandlers or chandeliers, your "concierge-on-wheels" can advise on where to buy, dine, and what to see and do in Malta. The Malta Chauffeur Company is well-known for service flexibility, and takes pride in helping you use your time in Malta to the best advantage.

Alongside luxury mercedes passenger transport, The Malta Chauffeur Company can also provide a transport service for yacht crews in Malta needing to replenish, replace, repair or relax.

Malta Airport Transfers

When Life's Full of Ups & Downs let us Make Life Smoother

Flight Departures can be stressful and worrying for many people, but your Forte airport transfer is not a cause for concern. Forte can advise you of pick-up times for your airport transfer and any likely route problems in advance. Even if you're running late, we never will be - your chauffeur car will be where you need it, when you need it. Every time.

Flight arrivals can be an arduous experience, and the last thing anyone needs after a long flight is to be kept waiting at Malta airport.
The Malta Chauffeur Company constantly monitors your flight's progress so even if delayed - or early - you can be confident that as soon as you leave customs your Forte chauffeur will be there, ready to assist and ensure that your onward journey is as smooth and relaxing as possible. If you have any special requests, be it newspapers, water, flowers, or anything else, just let us know when you book and your chauffeur will have these waiting for you too.

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